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    Our team of Farsi interpreters and translators based in Tehran, Iran, is specialized in providing international businesses and private entities with quality world-class Farsi / Persian interpretation and translation.

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    Panlingual is the driving engine of interpreting industry in the region, and delivers comprehensive all-inclusive solutions for international seminars thanks to its professional interpreters.

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    Due to our unrivaled quality, we have been easily able to market our Farsi linguistic services to many clients / conferences across the world.

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    We look forward to offering you free advice on how to organise the interpreting aspect of your event best. Just provide us with as many details as possible on your need.

Farsi Interpreters

We offer interpreters (Interprète; Übersetzer; Dolmetscher; Dolmetscherin) for Farsi (Persian, Persisch), English, German, French and Arabic for any translation needs in Iran and worldwide; far-reaching all-inclusive services with brilliant professional linguists.

Simultaneous Farsi Interpreter
Provision of the best simultaneous Farsi interpreters (with guarantee) for the following language pairs is the main line of pour business: Farsi - English, Farsi - German, Farsi - French; for other languages please get in touch with us.




Deutsch / DE / German:Persischer Übersetzer und Dolmetscher (Deutsch <> Persisch); mit Sitz in Teheran, Iran bieten wir Fachübersetzungen, Dolmetschen und Konferenzdolmetschen für fünf Sprachen d.h. Persisch (Farsi), Deutsch, Englisch, Fransisch und Arabisch weltweit an.

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Farsi Interpretation Services

Simultaneous Farsi Interpreter: We'll send our experienced skillful Farsi interpreters to your international conferences, seminars, etc wherever they are organised around the world as soon as we're notified of your need. Our simultaneous Farsi interpreters have already passed a rigid qualification process and have tried out for our team. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy your conference guests, who'd use the interpretation system, since their satisfaction means your satisfaction.

Consecutive Farsi Interpreter: This category of interpreters are intended for small meetings and gatherings, either business or personal, attended by two to ten people. This solution is particularly of reasonable price as no interpretation system is required for the purpose, which in turn is really cost-saving. Our consecutive Farsi interpreters are well prepared for this and strictly follow the code of ethics / conduct.

Facilitating Farsi Interpreter: This type of Farsi interpreters are often hired to attend international corporate hospitality events and team building sessions. They can also accompany you when you are touring the city and/or visiting an exhibition / fair. They are great assistance in making your clients, staff and business partners feel comfortable and can help avoid misunderstandings and consequent offer of apologies.