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Why Does It Matter to Choose Professional Interpreters for Your Event?

By Panlingual Staff


As an international conference organizer / event manager, you are just always obsessed with the idea if your upcoming event would pass off without any incidents, or even more, if all attendees would be Ďmore thaní happy with your event.

Along with one and a half million details and tasks, which you do need to bear in mind and take care of for having a well-organised international summit, conference, congress, seminar, meeting or workshop, there are some a little bit more important cogs in the machine that can ruin even your best diligence in precise organization of the event.

Imagine the following situation:

You have booked the best keynote speakers for your event; you have provided the most comfortable and convenient accommodation for your delegates; you conduct the best opening ceremony; and you are serving the tastiest delicatessen during the breaks.

Yet, right after your conference starts, there are many complaints from the audience. They feel they donít like the speakers since they canít even understand one single word of their presentations.
Whatís wrong with that, you wonder.

Moreover, you notice almost all complaints are raised by the delegates whose language is different from the official language of the conference. And now you realize where the problem is.

The simultaneous interpreter is unable to communicate the content of the presentations to the conference.

Later into the day, this would turn even into a nightmare when the Q and A starts at the end of the session. The questions are interpreted wrongly so the panelistsí / speakersí answers are in no way addressing properly the questions asked by the conference attendees. The answers are not even within a kilometer of the question.

What comes next? Your conference attendees, those who used the simultaneous interpreting in particular, are dramatically unhappy with your conference. Even it goes from bad to worse: many of them leave the conference room with an expression of dismay.
Misunderstandings / mishaps like this would really undermine your position in the conference organization market. And if you make a mess of an event for only a second time, you know very well that you would automatically be left out of this market immediately.

Thus, one piece of valuable advice for any event managers or conference organizers:

Every single cent you invest in hiring qualified interpreters is really worth it, and at the end of the day you would realize it when your event runs smoothly without any complaints from the side of the audience.

Offering quality simultaneous interpreting services for English and Farsi to international events is part of our daily routine in 'Panlingual Farsi Interpretation & Translation Agency'.

If you are not sure or experienced enough on how to vet your potential interpreters, their qualifications and/or how to hire the best conference interpreters, we would like to be there by your side as a consultant for this part of the job.

There are many small and big details one needs to take into account in hiring qualified professional interpreters. And here is where you can have 'Panlingual' as a member of your team to play its significant role in bringing you the best of interpreting world.